About Us

The Energy Team is a well experienced business energy consulting firm.

The Energy Team is being run by experts who’ve been employed in the energy sector for more than a decade with a focus on getting our clients the best deals available market wide. You can turn to us if you are having trouble with your current supplier, or when it’s time to renew your business’ contracts for gas and/or electricity. 

We are the experts you want to be represented by when it comes to renewals or billing issues – we endeavour to satisfy all our customers’ needs.

We also take pride in customizing our services to each business’ specific needs. We offer a range of services that run from basic energy procurement for gas and electricity to complete energy management. Let us know exactly what you need, and we will be happy to tailor our services to meet your requirements.

In the end, we offer our clients peace-of-mind. By working with us they know they are not overpaying for the gas and electricity their business relies on.

You do not need to scour the market comparing the energy suppliers. Let The Energy Team save you the trouble. We have relationships with all the suppliers and can get you the lowest possible rates. 

We promise a quick turnaround and great customer support.

By diligently doing cost comparisons on gas and electricity we’ve saved our clients up to 40% on their energy bills. Why not let us save you money on your energy as well?

We will find the best live deal available on gas and electricity for your business.

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